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A 360-degree view of surround-view and automated parking systems

In this white paper, we map the technical requirements for assisted and fully automated parking functions (in compact, midsize, large and luxury vehicles) to the TDA4VM SoC and software platform.

Leverage Jacinto 7 Processors Functional Safety Features for Automotive Designs

In this white paper, we review safety diagnostics, isolation mechanisms that enable mixed-criticality systems, the software architecture, software product offerings, and how to construct a complete system on DRA82x and TDA4x SoCs.

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IVA-HD Sharing Between VISION-SDK and PSDKLA on Jacinto6 SoC Multiple Files 532 24 Aug 2020
OSPI Tuning Procedure Multiple Files 417 08 Jul 2020
Jacinto 7 LPDDR4 Board Design and Layout Guidelines (Rev. A) PDF 3800 23 Apr 2020