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Processor training

66AK2Gx Processor training series Similar to existing KeyStone-based SoC devices, the 66AK2Gx enables both the DSP and ARM cores to master all memory and peripherals in the system. This architecture facilitates maximum software flexibility where either DSP- or ARM-centric system designs can be achieved.  Watch training series
Processor SDK training series TI provides key runtime software components and documentation to further ease development. TI’s online training provides an introduction to the Processor SDK and how to use this software to start building applications on TI embedded processors. Watch training series

Video training for developing voice enabled embedded systems

Running the Audio Benchmark Starter Kit on the EVMK2G This how-to video shows a new user how to reproduce the Audio DSP benchmarks on  the 66AK2G02 processor EVM by building a pre-built project in the Code Composer Studio development environment.  Watch training video
Embedded Processor Voice-Recognition Systems Training Series This training series provides an introduction to voice recognition and some of the basic concepts ofaudio systems that use voice as a user interface.  It provides a guide to required components andhow they match to embedded processors and other devices available from Texas Instruments. Andit takes a look at the software, tools, designs, and demonstrations available from TI for building yourown voice recognition and processing application. Watch training video
Audio System Hardware with Voice as User Interface This training identifies the hardware components required to build an application with voice recognition capability, including C55x, C674x, K2Gx, OMAP-L137, PCM186x, TAS5760M, TPA3136D2, TAS2555, and TLV320DAC3203. It describes the criteria for matching devices to application requirements, such the number of mics (ADC choice, DSP MIPS needed), pre- and post-processing features (DSP MIPS), and power required for audio output (which amp to use). Watch training video
Voice Processing Tools and Software for K2G and C5517 Designs This training addresses some of the basic concepts associated with the voice recognition processing technique known as beamforming, as well as an introduction to the design tools, hardware, and software that are deployed in the real-time beamforming demonstrations available from TI for the EVMK2G and TMDSEVM5517 development platforms. Watch training video
Demonstrating Voice Pre-Processing on the EVMK2G This video demonstrates the voice pre-processing TI design for the EVMK2G platform. It covers the hardware and software requirements, the demonstration setup, and the execution of the demonstration on the EVMK2G using Code Composer Studio. Watch training video

C66x DSP architecture training

KeyStone C66x DSP CorePac Overview
This module discusses how high performance can be achieved within each C66x DSP core. Topics include C66x DSP CorePac architecture, Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD), memory access, and software pipelining.
Watch training video
KeyStone Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
This module describes the differences between the TMS320C674x instruction set architecture and the TMS320C66x instruction set included in the KeyStone CorePac.
Watch training video

C66x DSP memory and transport training

KeyStone Multicore Navigator
This module provides an introduction to the architecture and functional components of the Multicore Navigator, which includes the Queue Manager Subsystem (QMSS) and Packet DMA (PKTDMA).
Watch training video
KeyStone Multicore Navigator: Queue Manager Subsystem (QMSS)
This module provides a detailed look at the functional elements of the QMSS and provides information on programming QMSS through the use of registers and low level drivers.
Watch training video
KeyStone Multicore Navigator: Packet DMA
This module provides a detailed look at the infrastructure and functional aspects of the PKTDMA and provides information on programming PKTDMA through the use of registers and low level drivers.
Watch training video
KeyStone Inter-Processor Communication (IPC)
This module provides an overview of the hardware and software that transports data and/or signals between threads of execution in KeyStone I C66x DSP multicore devices.
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C66x DSP external interfaces training

The McASP Primer Training Series
This training provides an overview of the fundamentals of the Multi-channel Audio Serial Port (McASP), including data pins, mute pins, clock pins and zones, external signals, and clock generation.
Watch training now
KeyStone External Interfaces (EMIF-A, UART, I2C, SPI, TSIP) This module provides an overview of selected external interfaces on KeyStone devices including UART, I2C, SPI, TSIP, and EMIF-A. Watch training now
KeyStone Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) This module takes a look at the new features and enhancements of the SRIO on KeyStone devices. Watch training now

DSP software and tools training

KeyStone II Software Overview
This module describes the software development ecosystem for the KeyStone II DSP+ARM multicore devices from both a Linux and SYS/BIOS perspective.
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KeyStone Power Management
This module provides an overview of the C66x power domain topology, power-saving features, power and clocking domains, power states, and Smart Reflex.
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