ADS41B29EVM ADS41B29 Evaluation Module angled board image


ADS41B29 12-Bit, 250-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module


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Features for the ADS41B29EVM

  • Transformer coupled analog input path
  • Amplifier path based on the THS4509
  • Configurable CMOS or DDR LVDS parallel output modes
  • Transformer coupled clock input path
  • CDCE72010 Jitter Clock Synchronizer and Jitter Cleaner clocking circuit
  • DDR LVDS output and capture ability via TSW1400EVM or TSW1405EVM capture card
  • USB controlled for SPI access
  • Description for the ADS41B29EVM

    The ADS41B29EVM is a circuit board that allows designers to evaluate the performance of Texas Instruments‘ ADS41B29 device, an extremely low power 12-bit 250 MSPS analog to digital converter with integrated high-impedance input buffer. The ADC features a configurable parallel DDR LVDS or CMOS outputs. The EVM provides a flexible environment to test the ADS41B29 under a variety of clock, input and supply conditions.

    The ADS41B29EVM also includes Texas Instrument’s new 10 Output Low Jitter Clock Synchronizer and Jitter Cleaner device, the CDCE72010, which can be used to drive the clocking input to the ADS41B29. Open sockets are provided for an external VCXO and crystal band pass filter allowing for rapid evaluation of a combined high performance ADC and clocking circuit equivalent to a final system level solution. Alternatively an external clock source can be provided to the EVM and either routed through the CDCE72010 or passed directly to the ADS41B29 clock input.

    The ADS41B29EVM is directly compatible to the TSW1400EVM or TSW1405EVM, TI's high speed LVDS output ADC data capture cards. It is also compatible with Altera and Xilinx FPGA EVMs which have FMC or HSMC connectors, via the appropriate interposer card.


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