This product is prototype/experimental and has not been released to the market. Testing and final processes may not be complete. This product may be subject to further changes or possible discontinuation.
Sitara Processor: Dual Arm Cortex-A53 & Dual Arm Cortex-R5F, Gigabit PRU-ICSS


Design kits & evaluation modules (5)

Name Part# Type
1280x800 LCD display accessory kit TMDSLCD1EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
AM65x evaluation module (EVM) TMDX654GPEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
AM65x industrial development kit (IDK) TMDX654IDKEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
Mistral Solutions AM65x System on Module (SOM) MISTR-3P-SOM-AM65X Evaluation Modules & Boards
PHYTEC phyCORE-AM65x system on module PHYTC-3P-PHYCORE-AM65X Evaluation Modules & Boards

Software (2)

Name Part# Type
Sitara External Memory Interface (EMIF) tool SITARA-DDR-CONFIG-TOOL Application Software & Frameworks
Processor SDK for AM65x Sitara processors – Linux, TI-RTOS, & Android support PROCESSOR-SDK-AM65X Software Development Kits (SDK)

Development tools (4)

Name Part# Type
Clock Tree Tool for Sitara, Automotive, Vision Analytics, & Digital Signal Processors CLOCKTREETOOL Calculation Tools
Pin mux tool PINMUXTOOL Calculation Tools
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Sitara ARM Processors CCSTUDIO-SITARA SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers
SafeTI™ Compiler Qualification Kit SAFETI_CQKIT SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers

Models (3)

Title Category Type Date
AM654x/DRA80xM IBIS File IBIS Model ZIP 12 Oct 2018
AM654x/DRA80xM BSDL Model BSDL Model ZIP 09 Apr 2018
AM654x/DRA80xM Thermal Models Thermal Model ZIP 08 Dec 2017