BOOSTXL-POSMGR C2000 DesignDRIVE Position Manager BoosterPack™ angled board image


C2000 DesignDRIVE position manager BoosterPack™ plug-in module


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Features for the BOOSTXL-POSMGR

Hardware Features

  • 2x channels of RS-485 line interface supporting up to 100m distances
  • 1x SinCos analog interface
  • 2x 20-pin headers/connectors to LaunchPad
  • Capable of supporting 2x absolute encoders simultaneously
  • Works with CLB-enabled C2000 MCUs
  • Hardware Files are in controlSUITE at development_kits\BOOSTXL_POSMGR

Software Features

  • Free download of Position Manager solutions in C2000 controlSUITE package
    • Simple application programming interface
    • Absolute encoder support for EnDat 2.2, 2.1, BiSS-C and T-format
    • Analog sensor support for resolvers and SinCos transducers

Recommended LaunchPad

  • LAUNCHXL-F28379D C2000 Delfino MCUs F28379D LaunchPad Development Kit
  • TI BoosterPack Checker for an interactive list of compatible BoosterPacks


Description for the BOOSTXL-POSMGR

The PositionManager BoosterPack is a flexible low voltage platform intended for evaluating interfaces to absolute encoders and analog sensors like resolvers and SinCos transducers.  When combined with the DesignDRIVE Position Manager software solutions this low-cost evaluation module becomes a powerful tool for interfacing many popular position encoder types such as EnDat, BiSS and T-format with C2000 Real-Time Control devices.  C2000 Position Manager technology integrates interfaces to the most popular digital and analog position sensors onto C2000 Real-Time Controller, thus eliminating the need for external FPGAs for these functions.


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