BOOSTXL-TUSS4470 Ultrasonic sensing bridge driver SPI evaluation module angled board image


TUSS4470 direct drive ultrasonic transducer with LDO evaluation module


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Features for the BOOSTXL-TUSS4470

  • Compatible with ultrasonic transducers operating at frequencies between 30 to 1000 kHz.
  • Able to generate maximum sound pressure level using an H-bridge driver.
  • Compatible with microcontrollers operating at 3.3 or 5 V for SPI communication.
  • Modular receive path filter value selector to support entire range of supported transducer frequencies.
  • Fully tested evaluation module includes GUI, quick start demo procedure, USB interface and firmware, and detailed user's guide.

Description for the BOOSTXL-TUSS4470

The TUSS4470 EVM is a collective of the BOOSTXL-TUSS4470 and MSP-EXP430F5529LP, which enables users to fully evaluate the TUSS4470 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner and H-bridge driver. Transducer compatibility is expanded to open- or closed-top transducers operating between 30 to 1000 kHz. The transducer drive stage is an internal H-bridge that can be configured to drive transducer in direct-drive mode to achieve maximum voltage across the transducer or can be configured as a pre-driver for external FETs, enabling higher current and voltage drive for larger transducers. The drivers can be either controlled directly via MCU for complete customization of the burst signal or can be programmed via SPI with customizable burst length. The receive signal path includes a low-noise linear amplifier, a bandpass filter followed by a logarithmic gain amplifier for input dependent amplification. This allows for high sensitivity for weak signals and offers excellent input dynamic range over full signal range. The associated TUSS Generation III EVM GUI can be used to customize, configure, and control the ultrasonic setup, and monitor the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity.  The BOOSTXL-TUSS4470 includes one H-bridge driven closed-top transducer.

Evaluation steps

Step 1: Purchase the TUSS4470-XL-F5529-BNDL (or the BOOSTXL-TUSS4470  and MSP-EXP430F5529LP individually)

Step 2: Download the GUI

Step 3: Download the user's guide

Step 4: Download our recommended transducer and transformer listing

Step 5: Build your custom hardware solution using the design file example
Step 6: Write your custom microcontroller solution using the Energia library example
Step 7: Visit our E2E ultrasonic support forum for more details and to ask questions


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