Single Cell Impedance Track Pack Side Fuel Gauge

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* Datasheet bq27546-G1 Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauge for Battery Pack Integration datasheet (Rev. B) May 04, 2018
* User guides bq27546-G1 Technical Reference Manual May 05, 2015
Software bqStudio Chemistry Updater (Rev. FU) Feb. 10, 2020
Technical articles When to use rechargeable batteries in small battery applications Oct. 01, 2019
Technical articles Protector, monitor or gauge – selecting the correct battery electronics for your Li-ion-powered system Jun. 13, 2019
Technical articles Big things for power come in small packages Dec. 21, 2018
Application notes Start Guide for the BQ27546-G1 Aug. 10, 2018
Application notes Achieving The Successful Learning Cycle Jun. 19, 2018
Technical articles Power up: 6 power management trends to address growing energy requirements Feb. 16, 2018
Application notes Enhanced Resolution Gauging for Low Current Applications Using Scaling Oct. 26, 2016
Application notes Host System Calibration Method (Rev. B) May 19, 2016
Software Host System Calibration Method Software Apr. 06, 2016
Application notes bq27545-G1 to bq27546-G1 Change List Aug. 10, 2015
User guides bq27546EVM Single-Cell Impedance Track Technology Evaluation Module May 07, 2015
Application notes Using I2C Communication With the bq275xx Series of Fuel Gauges (Rev. B) May 15, 2014
Application notes Thermistor Selection Guide for Texas Instruments Advanced Fuel Gauges Sep. 28, 2011
Application notes How to Generate Golden Image for Single-Cell Impedance Track(TM) Devices Jan. 07, 2010
Application notes ESD and RF Mitigation in Handheld Battery Pack Electronics Mar. 06, 2008
Application notes Single Cell Gas Gauge Circuit Design Feb. 22, 2008
Application notes Single Cell Impedance Track Printed-Circuit Board Layout Feb. 22, 2008
Application notes Theory and Implementation of Impedance Track Battery Fuel-Gauging Algorithm Jan. 31, 2008