Digital controller for DLP6500FLQ, DLP6500FYE & DLP9000X/9000XUV digital micromirror devices<


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Chipset family DLPC910, DLP6500FLQ, DLP6500FYE, DLP9000X, DLP9000XUV, DLPR910 Pattern rate, binary (Max) (Hz) 14989 Pixel data rate (Max) (Gbps) 61.39 Component type Digital Controller Pattern rate, 8-bit (Max) (Hz) 1800 Thermal dissipation (°C/W) 3.2 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets

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FCBGA (ZYR) 676 729 mm² 27 x 27 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets


  • Operates the following DLP DMD Chips
    • DLP9000X DMD
    • DLP9000XUV DMD
    • DLP6500 DMD
  • User-selectable input clock rate
    • 400 MHz or 480 MHz with the DLP9000X and DLP9000XUV
    • 400 MHz with the DLP6500
  • Continuous streaming input data
    • Up to 61 gigabits per second with the DLP9000X and DLP9000XUV
    • Up to 24 gigabits per second with the DLP6500
  • Enables high-speed pattern rates
    • Up to 15 kHz binary patterns per second with the DLP9000X and DLP9000XUV
    • Up to 11.5 kHz binary patterns per second with the DLP6500
  • 8-Bit gray scale pattern rates
    • Up to 1.8 kHz with the DLP9000X and DLP9000XUV with modulated illumination
    • Up to 1.4 kHz with the DLP6500 with modulated illumination
  • 64-Bit 2x LVDS data bus interface
  • Random DMD row addressing and Load4 loading
  • Compatible with a variety of user-defined application processors or FPGAs
  • I2C interface for control and status queries
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The DLPC910 is a digital controller for three DMDs: the DLP9000X, DLP9000XUV, and DLP6500. The DLPC910 provides customers a high-speed data and control interface for the DMD to enable binary pattern rates up to 15 kHz with the DLP9000X/DLP9000XUV DMDs, and 11.5 kHz with the DLP6500 DMD. These fast pattern rates set DLP technology apart from other spatial light modulators and offer customers a strategic advantage for equipment needing fast, accurate, and programmable light steering capability. The DLPC910 provides the required mirror clocking pulses and timing information to the DMD. The unique capability and value offered by the DLPC910 device makes it well suited to support a wide variety of lithography, industrial, and advanced display applications.

In DLP-based electronics solutions, image data is 100% digital from the DLPC910 input port to the projected image. The image stays in digital form and is never converted into an analog signal. The DLPC910 processes the digital input image and converts the data into a format needed by the DMD for proper display. The DMD then steers the light to the location determined by the pixel data loaded into the DMD.

For complete electrical and mechanical specifications of the DLPC910, see the Virtex-5 product specification at www.xilinx.com.

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Type Title Date
* Data sheet DLPC910 Digital Controller for Advanced Light Control datasheet (Rev. D) Sep. 28, 2020
Application note DMD 101: Introduction to Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Technology (Rev. B) Feb. 23, 2018
Application note DLPC910 / DLPR910A - Continuous Row Command Operation Feb. 09, 2018
Solution guide TI DLP Technology for 3D Printing (Rev. E) Apr. 08, 2016
Technical article Printing up the future of innovation with direct imaging lithography Dec. 29, 2015
Technical article Taking a Closer Look at Two of Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for 2016 Nov. 12, 2015
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Application note System Design Considerations Using TI DLP Technology Down to 400 nm Nov. 12, 2014

Design & development

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Hardware development

ViALUX’ SuperSpeed v-modules provide complete subsystems containing a controller board for DLPC910, a digital micromirror device (DLP6500FLQ or DLP9000X) and ALP-4 controller suite software. The industrial grade modules support high-performance pixel level control out-of-the-box. Designed for (...)
  • USB 3.0, lossless compression, low latency
  • 64 or 128 Gbit on-board RAM for pattern storage
  • ALP-4 controller suite: Set bit depth, triggers, frame rate, pattern display time, pattern looping and LED parameters
  • V-6501: 10,309 Hz binary pattern rate
  • V-9001: 12,987 Hz binary pattern rate
LUXBEAM LITHOGRAPHY SYTEMS (LLS) is a sub system for direct imaging lithography machines including fully automated in-line machines for 24/7 manufacturing. The system comes with a documented interface and on-site support for easy hardware and software integration. Several photo head options are (...)
  • Windows 10 PRO
  • Photo heads for inner & outer layer PCB lithography
  • Photo heads for solder mask lithography
  • Photo heads for advanced packaging on PCB and wafer
  • Laser and LED light sources from 350 to 420 nm
  • SW kit for data preprocessing and print control
  • Real-time imaging correction according to fiducial (...)

Design tools & simulation

DLPM016.ZIP (80 KB) - IBIS Model

Reference designs

High Speed DLP Sub-system for Industrial 3D Printing and Digital Lithography Reference Design
TIDA-00570 The High Speed DLP® Sub-system Reference Design provides system-level DLP development board designs for industrial Digital Lithography and 3D Printing applications that require high resolution, superior speed and production reliability. The system design offers maximum throughput by integrating (...)
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FCBGA (ZYR) 676 View options

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  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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