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Features for the DRV8601ZQVEVM

  • Pseudo-differential feedback with internal reference.
  • Pseudo-differential feedback with external reference.
  • Differential feedback with external reference.
  • Different gain settings for the DRV8601 can be configured using external resistors in the EVM.

The DRV8601EVM User’s Guide contains the EVM schematic, layout, and bill of materials for a complete inertial actuator based Haptics reference design. All components and the evaluation module are Pb-Free.

• Drives both types of Haptics Inertial actuators



• High Current Output: 400 mA

• Wide Supply Voltage (2.5 V to 5.5 V) for Direct Battery Operation

• Low Quiescent Current: 1.7 mA Typical

• Fast Startup Time: 100 µs

• Low Shutdown Current: 10 nA

• Output Short-Circuit Protection

• Thermal Protection

• Enable Pin is 1.8 V Compatible

• Available in a 2 mm x 2 mm MicroStar Junior™ BGA Package (ZQV)

Description for the DRV8601ZQVEVM

The DRV8601 is a general-purpose single-supply Haptics driver designed to drive a DC motor (also known as Eccentric Rotating Mass or ERM in haptics terminology) or a linear vibrator (also known as Linear Resonant Actuator or LRA in haptics terminology) using a single-ended PWM input signal. With a fast turn-on time of 100 µs, the DRV8601 is an excellent Haptics driver for use in mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

The DRV8601EVM is easy to use and operate and is designed to interface with different haptics actuators in the market (both ERMs and LRAs).

The DRV8601 EVM can be operated in three configurations to yield flexibility to the Haptics systems design.


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