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Single-chip 60-GHz to 64-GHz intelligent mmWave sensor with integrated antenna on package (AoP)


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IWR6843ARQGALPR ACTIVE custom-reels CUSTOM Custom reel may be available
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Quality information

Rating Catalog
RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material SNAGCU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-3-260C-168 HR
Quality, reliability
& packaging information

Information included:

  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish / Ball material
  • MSL rating / Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring
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Export classification

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  • US ECCN: 5A991F

Packaging information

Package | Pins FCCSP (ALP) | 180
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 105
Package qty | Carrier 126 | JEDEC TRAY (5+1)

Features for the IWR6843AOP

  • FMCW transceiver
    • Integrated 4 receivers and 3 transmitters Antennas-On-Package (AOP)
    • Integrated PLL, transmitter, receiver, Baseband, and ADC
    • 60- to 64-GHz coverage with 4-GHz continuous bandwidth
    • Supports 6-bit phase shifter for TX Beam forming
    • Ultra-accurate chirp engine based on fractional-N PLL
  • Built-in calibration and self-test
    • Arm Cortex-R4F-based radio control system
    • Built-in firmware (ROM)
    • Self-calibrating system across process and temperature
    • Embedded self-monitoring with no host processor involvement on Functional Safety-Compliant devices
  • C674x DSP for advanced signal processing
  • Memory compression
  • Hardware accelerator for FFT, filtering, and CFAR processing
  • Arm-R4F microcontroller for object detection, and interface control
    • Supports autonomous mode (loading user application from QSPI flash memory)
  • Internal memory with ECC
    • 1.75 MB, divided into MSS program RAM (512 KB), MSS data RAM (192 KB), DSP L1 RAM (64KB) and L2 RAM (256 KB), and L3 radar data cube RAM (768 KB)
    • Technical reference manual includes allowed size modifications
  • Device Security (on select part numbers)
    • Secure authenticated and encrypted boot support
    • Customer programmable root keys, symmetric keys (256 bit), Asymmetric keys (up to RSA-2K) with Key revocation capability
    • Crypto software accelerators - PKA , AES (up to 256 bit), SHA (up to 256 bit), TRNG/DRGB
  • Other interfaces available to user application
    • Up to 6 ADC channels (low sample rate monitoring)
    • Up to 2 SPI ports
    • Up to 2 UARTs
    • 1 CAN-FD interface
    • I2C
    • GPIOs
    • 2 lane LVDS interface for raw ADC data and debug instrumentation
  • Functional Safety-Compliant
    • Developed for functional safety applications
    • Documentation available to aid IEC 61508 functional safety system design up to SIL 3
    • Hardware integrity up to SIL-2
    • Safety-related certification
      • IEC 61508 certified upto SIL 2 by TUV SUD
  • Power management
    • Built-in LDO network for enhanced PSRR
    • I/Os support dual voltage 3.3 V/1.8 V
  • Clock source
    • 40.0 MHz crystal with internal oscillator
    • Supports external oscillator at 40 MHz
    • Supports externally driven clock (square/sine) at 40 MHz
  • Easy hardware design
    • 0.8-mm pitch, 180-pin 15 mm × 15 mm FCBGA package (ALP) for easy assembly and low-cost PCB design
    • Small solution size
  • Operating conditions
    • Junction temp range: –40°C to 105°C

Description for the IWR6843AOP

The IWR6843AOP is an Antenna-on-Package (AOP) device that is an evolution within the single-chip radar device family from Texas Instruments (TI). This device enables unprecedented levels of integration in an extremely small form factor and is an ideal solution for low power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate radar systems in the industrial space. Multiple variants are currently available including Functional Safety-Compliant devices (SIL2) and non-functional safety devices.

It integrates a DSP subsystem, which contains TI’s high-performance C674x DSP for the Radar Signal processing. The device includes a BIST processor subsystem, which is responsible for radio configuration, control, and calibration. Additionally, the device includes a user programmable Arm Cortex-R4F based for automotive interfacing. The Hardware Accelerator block (HWA) can perform radar processing and can offload the DSP in order to execute higher level algorithms. Simple programming model changes can enable a wide variety of sensor applications with the possibility of dynamic reconfiguration for implementing a multimode sensor. Additionally, the device is provided as a complete platform solution including reference hardware design, software drivers, sample configurations, API guide, and user documentation.


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Additional package qty | Carrier options These products are exactly the same but come in a different carrier type

IWR6843ARQGALPR ACTIVE custom-reels CUSTOM Custom reel may be available
Package qty | Carrier 1,000 | LARGE T&R
Qty | Price 1ku | +

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You can choose different carrier options based on the quantity of parts, including full reel, custom reel, cut tape, tube or tray.

A custom reel is a continuous length of cut tape from one reel to maintain lot- and date-code traceability, built to the exact quantity requested. Following industry standards, a brass shim connects an 18-inch leader and trailer on both sides of the cut tape for direct feeding into automated assembly machines. TI includes a reeling fee for custom reel orders.

Cut tape is a length of tape cut from a reel. TI may fulfill orders using multiple strips of cut tapes or boxes to satisfy the quantity requested.

TI often ships tube or tray devices inside a box or in the tube or tray, depending on inventory availability. We pack all tapes, tubes or sample boxes according to internal electrostatic discharge and moisture-sensitivity-level protection requirements.

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