MSP430 MCU with CapTIvate technology - the lowest power, most noise-immune capacitive touch

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* Datasheet MSP430FR263x, MSP430FR253x Capacitive Touch Sensing Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers datasheet (Rev. E) Dec. 09, 2019
* Errata MSP430FR2633 Device Erratasheet (Rev. R) Oct. 09, 2019
* User guides MSP430FR4xx and MSP430FR2xx Family User's Guide (Rev. I) Mar. 13, 2019
Application notes MSP430 System-Level ESD Considerations (Rev. A) Jan. 13, 2020
Application notes Designing With the MSP430FR4xx and MSP430FR2xx ADC Dec. 30, 2019
Application notes MSP430 System ESD Troubleshooting Guide Dec. 13, 2019
White papers Enabling Noise Tolerant Capacitive Touch HMIs With MSP CapTIvate™ Technology (Rev. B) Nov. 12, 2019
Application notes Low-Power Battery Voltage Measurement With MSP430FR MCU On-Chip VREF and ADC (Rev. A) Nov. 04, 2019
User guides MSP430 FRAM Devices Bootloader (BSL) User's Guide (Rev. X) Oct. 18, 2019
Application notes Capacitive Touch Design Flow for MSP430™ MCUs With CapTIvate™ Technology (Rev. B) Aug. 14, 2019
Application notes Automating Capacitive Touch Slider and Wheel PCB Design Using OpenSCAD Scripts (Rev. A) Jul. 25, 2019
Application notes ESD Diode Current Specification (Rev. A) Jul. 10, 2019
Technical articles Capacitive touch & host controller functionality all in one package can reduce costs, design time and board space Apr. 04, 2019
Application notes Migrating from MSP430 F2xx and G2xx families to MSP430 FR4xx and FR2xx family (Rev. F) Mar. 26, 2019
Application notes Migration from MSP430 FR58xx, FR59xx, and FR6xx to FR4xx and FR2xx (Rev. A) Mar. 26, 2019
Application notes Sensitivity, SNR, and design margin in capacitive touch applications (Rev. A) Mar. 25, 2019
Application notes Capacitive Touch Gesture Software and Tuning Dec. 13, 2018
Technical articles With capacitive touch, liquid is no longer kryptonite to keypads Nov. 27, 2018
More literature Capacitive touch building security system equipment using MSP430™ MCUs (Rev. B) Nov. 08, 2018
White papers Simplify smart speaker human machine interface with capacitive-touch technology Feb. 15, 2018
Software MSP430FR243x, MSP430FR253x, MSP430FR263x Code Examples (Rev. C) Jan. 09, 2018
Technical articles CES 2018: The SimpleLink™ MCU platform will demonstrate simplified, smart automation Jan. 04, 2018
Technical articles Cooktops with capacitive touch technology make quick work in the kitchen for the holidays Dec. 07, 2017
Application notes Capacitive Touch Through Metal Using MSP430™ MCUs With CapTIvate™ Technology (Rev. A) Oct. 31, 2017
Application notes Designing Thermostats With CC3220 SimpleLink Single-Chip Wi-Fi MCU SoC Oct. 30, 2017
More literature SimpleLink™ MSP432™ MCU for electronic lock and intrusion HMI keypad Sep. 18, 2017
White papers Take your HMI design to the next level with transparent capacitive-touch technol Sep. 14, 2017
More literature Capacitive touch building security system equipment using MSP430™ MCUs (Rev. A) Jun. 14, 2017
White papers Capacitive Touch and MSP Microcontrollers (Rev. A) Apr. 27, 2017
User guides Touch Remote Control Reference Design With CapTIvate Technology (Rev. A) Dec. 06, 2016
White papers Smart Fault Indicator with MSP430 FRAM Microcontrollers Sep. 26, 2016
Application notes General Oversampling of MSP ADCs for Higher Resolution (Rev. A) Apr. 01, 2016
User guides Noise Tolerant Capacitive Touch Human Machine Interfaces Design Guide Mar. 09, 2016
User guides Access Control Panel With BLE, Cap Touch, and Software Integration Ref Design Feb. 27, 2016
Application notes VLO Calibration on the MSP430FR4xx and MSP430FR2xx Family (Rev. A) Feb. 19, 2016
More literature Getting started with MSP MCUs featuring CapTIvate™ technology Feb. 18, 2016
Application notes MSP Code Protection Features Dec. 07, 2015
White papers CapTIvate™ 터치 기술과 초저전력 MSP430™ FRAM 마이크로컨트롤러로 멋진 HMI 만들기 Nov. 11, 2015
User guides 64 Button Capacitive Touch Panel With CapTIvate Technology Design Guide Oct. 30, 2015
White papers MSP430™ FRAM Microcontrollers With CapTIvate™ Touch Technology Oct. 14, 2015
White papers Crypto-Bootloader - Secure In-Field Firmware Updates for Ultra-Low Power MCUs Aug. 19, 2015
White papers Building Automation with MSP MCUs Jul. 27, 2015
White papers If you don’t plan to scale, you plan to fail (Rev. A) Feb. 09, 2015
White papers Closing the security gap with TI’s MSP430™ FRAM-based microcontrollers Sep. 15, 2014
Application notes MSP430 FRAM Technology – How To and Best Practices Jun. 23, 2014
Application notes MSP430 FRAM Quality and Reliability (Rev. A) May 01, 2014
More literature FRAM FAQs Apr. 23, 2014
White papers Benchmarking MCU power consumption for ultra-low-power applications Oct. 26, 2012