SN74LVC2G34 (ACTIVE) Dual Buffer Gate

Dual Buffer Gate - SN74LVC2G34

Models (2)

Title Category Type Date
HSPICE MODEL OF SN74LVC2G34 HSpice Model ZIP 23 Sep 2005
SN74LVC2G34 IBIS Model (Rev. B) IBIS Model (Multiple Files) 24 Jun 2004

Design kits & evaluation modules (4)

Reference designs

Non-isolated power architecture with diagnostics reference design for protection relay modules

This reference design showcases non-isolated power supply architectures for protection relays with analog input/output and communication modules generated from 5-, 12-, or 24-V DC input. To generate the power supplies the design uses DC/DC converters with an integrated FET, a power module with an (...)

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