XC5312WQRTVRQ1 Automotive stereo audio codec with 102-dB dynamic range ADC, 106-dB DAC, HV-input and diagnostics | RTV | 32 | -40 to 125 package image


Automotive stereo audio codec with 102-dB dynamic range ADC, 106-dB DAC, HV-input and diagnostics


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  • US ECCN: EAR99

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Package | Pins WQFN (RTV) | 32
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125
Package qty | Carrier 3,000 | LARGE T&R

Features for the TAC5312-Q1

  • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications
    • Temperature grade 1: –40°C ≤ TA ≤ +125°C
  • ADC Channel
    • Performance:
      • Line differential input dynamic range: 100dB
      • Mic differential input dynamic range: 100dB
      • THD+N: –95dB
      • Channel summing mode supports high SNR
    • Input voltage:
      • Differential, 10-VRMS full-scale inputs
      • Single-ended, 5-VRMS full-scale inputs
    • Sample rate (fS) = 8kHz to 768kHz
    • Programmable microphone bias (5V to 10V):
      • With an integrated efficient boost converter, or
      • With external high voltage HVDD supply
    • Programmable microphone input fault diagnostics:
      • Open inputs or shorted inputs
      • Short to ground, MICBIAS or VBAT
      • Microphone bias over current protection
  • DAC Channel
    • DAC performance:
      • DAC to Line Out Dynamic Range: 106dB
      • DAC to HP Out Dynamic Range: 106dB
      • THD+N: –95dB
    • Head Phone/Line Out output voltage:
      • Differential, 2-VRMS full-scale
      • Single-ended, 1-VRMS full-scale
    • DAC sample Rates (fs) = 8KHz to 768KHz
  • Common Features
    • Low Latency Filter Selection
    • Programmable HPF and Biquad Filters
    • I2C Control Interface
    • Audio Serial Interface
      • Format: TDM, I2S or Left Justified
      • Word Length: 16,20,24 or 32 Bits
    • Programmable PLL for Flexible Clocking
    • Single Supply Operation: 3.3V
    • I/O Supply Operation: 1.2V, 1.8V or 3.3V

Description for the TAC5312-Q1

The TAC5312-Q1 is a high performance Stereo Codec with 10VRMS differential Input, 100dB Stereo ADC and 2VRMS Stereo DAC Channels. The TAC5312-Q1 supports both differential and Single Ended input and output. Device supports both Microphone and Line In input on ADC Channel. DAC Output can be configured for either Line Out or Head Phone Load. TAC5312-Q1 can drive up to 62.5mW into a Headphone Load. The device also offers an integrated high-voltage, programmable microphone bias, and input diagnostic circuitry that allows direct connection to microphone-based automotive systems with full fault diagnostic capability for direct-coupled inputs. The TAC5312-Q1 integrates an efficient boost converter to generate a high voltage microphone bias using an external, low-voltage, 3.3V supply, The device can also directly use an external high-voltage supply (HVDD), which is a readily available supply in the system to generate the high-voltage, programmable microphone bias. The TAC5312-Q1 integrates programable channel gain, digital volume control, a low-jitter phase-locked loop (PLL), a programmable high-pass filter (HPF), programmable EQ and biquad filters, low-latency filter modes. It allows for sample rates up to 768kHz. The TAC5312-Q1 supports time-division multiplexing (TDM), I2S, or left-justified (LJ) audio formats, and can be controlled with I2C. These integrated high-performance features, along with a single, 3.3V supply operation, makes TAC5312-Q1 an excellent choice for space-constrained automotive systems.


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