TL1963A-Q1 (ACTIVE) Auto Catalog Single Output LDO, 1.5A, Adj. (1.21V to 20V), Fast Transient Response


Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Name Part# Type
DP83822I 10-Mbps & 100-Mbps Ethernet PHY evaluation module DP83822EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DP83TC811S 100BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY xMII evaluation module DP83TC811SEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

EMI/EMC Compliant 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Brick with Fiber or Twisted Pair Interface Reference Design

This ethernet brick reference design provides a simplified solution that eliminates the need to have multiple boards for copper or fiber interface. It uses a small form factor, low power 10/100 Mbps ethernet transceiver to reduce board size for a cost optimized and scalable solution with reduced (...)

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