TMDS64GPEVM AM64x general purpose evaluation module for Sitara™ processor angled board image


AM64x general purpose evaluation module for Sitara™ processor


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Features for the TMDS64GPEVM

  • Three RJ45 Ethernet ports capable of 1Gb or 100Mb speeds
  • Real-time low-pin-count FSI for easy connection with C2000™ MCUs
  • 1-in display and LEDs for convenient visual outputs
  • Four lane PCIe connectors to interface one lane PCIe card
  • Onboard power-measurement capabilities

Description for the TMDS64GPEVM

The TMDS64 evaluation module (EVM) is a standalone platform for test and development to evaluate the functionality of the AM64x family of products and develop prototypes for a variety of applications.

TMDS64GPEVM is equipped with a Sitara™ AM6442 processor along with additional components to allow the user to make use of the various device interfaces including industrial Ethernet, standard Ethernet, peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe), fast serial interface (FSI) and others to easily create prototypes.

An onboard display makes use of the AM64x serial peripheral interface (SPI) ports to provide the ability for local visual outputs in addition to the LEDs. Onboard current-measurement capabilities are available to monitor power consumption for power-conscious applications.

The supplied USB cable paired with embedded emulation logic allows for emulation and debugging using standard development tools, such as Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) (CCSTUDIO).


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