PTMUX7612RUMR 50V, 1.3Ω RON, 1:1 (SPST) four-channel precision multiplexer with 1.8V logic | RUM | 16 | -40 to 125 package image


50V, 1.3Ω RON, 1:1 (SPST) four-channel precision multiplexer with 1.8V logic


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  • US ECCN: EAR99

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Package | Pins WQFN (RUM) | 16
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125
Package qty | Carrier 3,000 | LARGE T&R

Features for the TMUX7612

  • Dual supply range: ±4.5 V to ±25 V
  • Single supply range: 4.5 V to 50 V
  • Asymmetric dual supply support (For example: V DD = 37.5 V, V SS = 12.5 V)
  • Precision performance:
    • Low on-resistance: 1.35 Ω (typical)
    • Low capacitance: 35 pF (typical)
    • Ultra-low on-resistance flatness: 0.01 Ω (typical)
    • High current support: 470 mA (maximum)
    • Low on-leakage current: 3.7 pA (typical), 0.5 nA (maximum)
    • Low off-leakage current: 30 pA (typical), 0.25 nA (maximum)
    • Ultra-low charge injection: 10 pC (typical)
  • –40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • Rail-to-rail operation
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Break-before-make switching

Description for the TMUX7612

The TMUX7612 is a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) switch device with four independently selectable 1:1, single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch channels. The device works with a single supply (4.5 V to 50 V), dual supplies (±4.5 V to ±25 V), or asymmetric supplies (such as V DD = 37.5 V, V SS = –12.5 V). The TMUX7612 supports bidirectional analog and digital signals on the source (Sx) and drain (Dx) pins ranging from V SS to V DD.

The switches of the TMUX7612 are controlled with appropriate logic control inputs on the SELx pins. The TMUX7612 features a special architecture which allows for ultra-low charge injection. This feature helps prevent unwanted coupling from the control input to the analog output of the device and reduces AC noise and offset errors.

The TMUX7612 is a part of the precision switches and multiplexers family of devices and have very low on and off leakage currents allowing them to be used in high precision measurement applications.


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