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Split-Rail, Single Inductor Dual Output Converter with Positive and Negative Outputs


Design kits & evaluation modules (4)

Name Part# Type
TPS65132B Dual Output LCD Bias for Smartphones Evaluation Module TPS65132BEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
TPS65132L Single Inductor - Dual Output Power Supply Evaluation Module TPS65132LEVM-711 Evaluation Modules & Boards
TPS65132S Evaluation Module: Single Inductor - Dual Output Positive and Negative Power Supply TPS65132SEVM-866 Evaluation Modules & Boards
TPS65132W Single Inductor Dual Output Power Supply Evaluation Module TPS65132WEVM-669 Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

Backlight and LCD Bias Reference Design for 90-Hz Refresh-Rate Virtual/Augmented Reality Displays

This reference design describes the power solution for LCD displays in wearable devices, especially in augmented-reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets. The high current accuracy backlight driver is achieved by LP8556, which provides high current during small duty cycle synchronized with (...)

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Software (1)

TPS65132 GUI Software (Rev. A)  (ZIP 282902 KB )    29 Nov 2016