10-A/10-A, 3-k/5-kVRMS single-channel isolated gate driver with 12-V UVLO, bipolar supply

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* Datasheet UCC53x0 Single-Channel Isolated Gate Drivers datasheet (Rev. F) Dec. 06, 2018
Application notes External Gate Resistor Selection Guide (Rev. A) Feb. 28, 2020
Application notes Understanding Peak IOH and IOL Currents (Rev. A) Feb. 28, 2020
Technical articles What the DIN VDE V 0884-11:2017-01 standard means for your isolated designs Feb. 27, 2020
More literature VDE certificate for basic isolation for DIN VDE V 0884-11:2017-01 (Rev. Q) Sep. 20, 2019
More literature CQC Product Certificate 3 Jul. 22, 2019
More literature UL Certification E181974 Vol 4. Sec 7 (Rev. B) Jul. 22, 2019
Technical articles How to achieve higher system robustness in DC drives, part 3: minimum input pulse Sep. 19, 2018
Application notes Enable Function with Unused Differential Input Jul. 11, 2018
Technical articles How to achieve higher system robustness in DC drives, part 2: interlock and deadtime May 30, 2018
Technical articles Boosting efficiency for your solar inverter designs May 24, 2018
White papers Isolation in solar power converters: Understanding the IEC62109-1 safety standar (Rev. A) May 18, 2018
White papers Understanding failure modes in isolators (Rev. A) May 10, 2018
User guides UCC5390SCD With Isolated Bias Supply (Rev. A) Feb. 07, 2018
User guides UCC5390ECDWV Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Module User's Guide Jan. 25, 2018
User guides UCC53x0xD Evaluation Module Jun. 21, 2017
Application notes Common-mode transient immunity for isolated gate drivers Oct. 30, 2015
White papers High-voltage reinforced isolation: Definitions and test methodologies Oct. 16, 2014