UCD3138A Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power

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* Datasheet UCD3138A Highly-Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power datasheet (Rev. E) Jan. 19, 2017
* Errata UCD3138 Integrated Power Controller Family Errata (Rev. A) Mar. 11, 2020
Application notes Fusion Digital Power Studio for UCD3138 Isolated Power Applications (Rev. C) Jun. 24, 2019
User guides Using the UCD3138HSFBEVM-029 (Rev. A) May 08, 2019
Application notes UCD3138 Family - Practical Design Guideline (Rev. B) Nov. 20, 2018
Technical articles The power to innovate industrial design Mar. 27, 2017
Technical articles Sequencing and managing multiple power rails in a system: common questions answered Feb. 01, 2017
Application notes CPU Lock-up Mechanisms in UCD31xx Devices Jan. 24, 2017
Technical articles Power Tips: How GaN devices boost resonant converter efficiency Aug. 25, 2016
User guides UCD3138 Technical Reference Manual (Rev. A) Apr. 14, 2016
Application notes Migrating from the UCD3138 to UCD3138A (Rev. D) Apr. 08, 2016
User guides Using the UCD3138ALLCEVM150 (Rev. A) Jan. 14, 2016
Technical articles Designing your next solar inverter system Jan. 07, 2016
User guides Bidirection DC-to-DC Converter User's Guide (Rev. A) Oct. 27, 2015
Application notes Using UCD7138 and UCD3138A for Advanced Synchronous Rectification Control (Rev. B) Oct. 23, 2015
Application notes Automatic Baud Rate Detection and Configuration in UCD3138 Oct. 02, 2015
White papers Advancing Power Supply Solutions Through the Promise of GaN Feb. 24, 2015
User guides Using the UCD3138ACCEVM149 Feb. 16, 2015
Application notes UCD3138 Integral Branch of the PID Filter Oct. 04, 2014
Application notes Designing a UCD3138 Controlled Bridgeless PFC Apr. 01, 2014
Application notes Designing a UCD3138 Controlled Interleaved PFC Apr. 01, 2014
Application notes Designing a UCD3138 Controlled Single Phase PFC Mar. 26, 2014
Application notes UCD3138 PFC Tuning Mar. 26, 2014
More literature Design and Optimization of a High-Performance LLC Converter Oct. 29, 2013
User guides Using the UCD3138PSFBEVM-027 Aug. 08, 2013
User guides Using the UCD3138LLCEVM-028 (Rev. A) Jul. 23, 2013
Application notes Digital current balancing for an interleaved boost PFC Apr. 16, 2013
Application notes Evaluating UCD3138 in Interleave PFC or Bridgeless PFC Configurations Mar. 18, 2013
User guides Using the UCD3138064EVM-166 Mar. 05, 2013
User guides Using the UCD3138OL40EVM-032 Jan. 04, 2013
Application notes Using FlashRunnerTM FR03TXI0 for Standalone Programming Aug. 30, 2012
User guides Using the UCD3138OL64EVM-031 Aug. 28, 2012
User guides Using the UCD3138PFCEVM-026 (Rev. B) Jun. 08, 2012
Application notes PFC THD Reduction and Efficiency Improvement by ZVS or Valley Switching Apr. 26, 2012
More literature Dual Half-Bridge DC/DC Converter With Wide-Range ZVS Jul. 26, 2011