TAS2559EVM TAS2559 昇圧コンバータとプログラマブル・デジタル・シグナルを統合したアンプの評価モジュール angled board image


TAS2559 5.7W Class-D オーディオ・アンプの評価モジュール


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TAS2559EVM の特徴

  • Two reference speakers
  • Stereo and mono modes SPI or I2C control interface
  • On board USB interface and cable for connection to PC with a Microsoft Windows 7+ operating system
  • Access to TAS2555 App for PurePath Console 3

TAS2559EVM に関する概要

To get started:

Step 1: Hardware
Order TAS2559EVM evaluation boardPP-SALB2-EVM learning board

Step 2: Software
Request PurePath Console 3 (PPC3) control GUI, be sure to indicate you are working with the TAS2559EVM

Step 3: Training
Review training video for speaker characterization and Smart amp tuning guide

The TAS2559EVM evaluation module provides users with a powerful tool kit for complete assessment of the TAS2559 audio amplifier when used with PurePath™ Console 3 software suite (PPC3). The reference board can be operated in stereo mode by using the TAS2560 device which is on the board. It can also operate in mono mode. The evaluation module ships with two attached reference speakers. The board provides a USB connection to your PC and is controlled by PPC3 software suite. PPC3 must be downloaded separately. With PPC3 you can further fine-tune the solution to your liking. Connect two EVMs together and the solution quickly transforms into a stereo solution. The EVM also includes a connection to the Smart Amplifier Learning Board v2 where additional speakers can be characterized for your application while using the advanced features of PPC3.


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