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Featured software

Simulator for PLLATINUM™ integrated circuits

Use the PLLATINUMSIM-SW tool for simulating and optimizing single devices including loop-filter calculations and phase-noise simulation.

Clocks & synthesizers (TICS) pro software

Use the TICSPRO-SW software to program evaluation modules (EVMs) for our PLL+VCO, synthesizers and clocking products.

Clock tree architect

Create and compare multi-chip, system-level clock trees to meet your design requirements.


Use this software for device register programming.

Featured evaluation modules

LMX2594 evaluation module

Use the LMX2594EVM to evaluate our 15-GHz wideband synthesizer with best-in-class PLL supporting phase synchronization and JESD204B support.


LMX2592 evaluation module

Use the LMX2592EVM to evaluate our high-performance, wideband frequency PLLatinum RF synthesizer with integrated VCO to 9.8 GHz.

LMX2615EVM-CVAL evaluation module

Use the LMX2615EVM-CVAL to evaluate our LMX2615-SP space grade synthesizer.

LMX2572 evaluation module

Use the LMX2572EVM to evaluate our 6.4-GHz low-power wideband RF synthesizer with phase synchronization and JESD204B support.

LMX2820EVM evaluation module

Use the LMX2820EVM to evaluate our  22.6-GHz wideband RF synthesizer.


LMX2492 evaluation module

Use the LMX2492EVM to evaluate our RF PLL with ramp generation for cost-optimized solutions.

Featured reference designs