Fastest Low-Power, 10-bit,
1.25-MSPS Serial ADC

The TLV1572 ADC from only US $4.20, per device in quantities of 1,000.

The TLV1572 is the industry's first high-speed, 10-bit ADC to interface gluelessly with TMS320 DSPs or (Q)SPI digital microcontrollers, all in an 8-pin SOIC. Applications include automotive systems, wireless modem and digital motor control.

Key features:

  • 10-bit, 1.25 MSPS
  • TMS320 DSP and SPI compatible
  • 3-v or 5-v operation
  • Low power - 8 mW at 3 V, 25 mW at 5 V
  • Auto-powerdown: 10 µA (max)
  • Small footprint 8-pin SOIC

For More Information:

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