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TI Expands Industry's Most Widely Adopted DSP Platform With New High-Performance, Low-Power, Low-Cost DSP

Giving Designers Flexibility to add Innovative Features to Digital Communications Applications, TI's DSP Performance and Low-Power Offers More For Less

HOUSTON (September 10, 2001) - Giving customers an array of product choices from its prominent TMS320(tm) digital signal processor (DSP) family, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a 160 million instructions per second (MIPS) version of its most widely adopted programmable TMS320C5402 DSP. The new C5402A DSP combines 60 percent more performance with the lowest power dissipation in the industry allowing designers of digital communications products to add innovative features and channels to devices across a wide range of portable, wireless, networking, industrial and telecom applications. www.dspvillage.ti.com/c5000

The new TMS320C5402A DSP, the lowest power device at 160 MIPS available today under $10 ($9.90 at 10Ku), integrates 16K RAM, 16K ROM and is code compatible with all devices in the C5000™ DSP platform. The C5402 DSP is also available in 100 MIPS versions for $5 in 10Ku quantities. The C5402 delivers performance and power efficiency that enable designers to extend battery life for portable applications or maximize the number of DSPs per board for feature-rich applications. In combination with the complete line of TMS320CC54x™ DSP products, the new device provide a full spectrum of performance, power usage and price alternatives for customers in markets from low-power applications such as digital hearing aids to high-performance public exchange equipment.

TI has delivered more than 14 million C5402 DSPs since its introduction to the market, making it one of the most rapidly accepted general-purpose DSPs in the industry. Hundreds of customers and thousands of developers are currently using or have design-ins with the C5402 DSP device across more than 700 different applications.

More alternatives from the world's most power efficient DSP line

TI has 18 code-compatible C5000 devices available and has shipped more than 400 million general-purpose and custom C5000 DSPs since 1997. In addition, more than $4 billion in new design-ins have been secured for its general-purpose products during the same period.

"Designers know they can look to the C5000 DSP platform for a full range of programmable DSPs at a variety of price points," said Marlon Marshall, TI C54x DSP product marketing manager. "This new addition gives customers the ability to pack more features into their products while keeping power consumption and development costs low, and they'll both be offered in a 144-pin u*BGA package, which is smaller than a US dime. Small size, extended performance and low power dissipation is a compelling combination for hand-held consumer applications where small form factors and portability sell."

"We have a well-established array of products to offer our customers, and we have an eye on the future with our newly introduced TMS320C55x™ DSP generation," said Dennis Barrett, C5000™ marketing manager. "With the C5000™ DSPs, we can meet the needs of a wide range of customers -- from established telephony and communications applications to emerging markets." For applications requiring more memory, the C5409A is available with 32K RAM for $12.45 in 10Ku quantities. TI also offers the C5416 and C5410A in 160 MIPS version with 128K and 64K RAM respectively.

Designed for seamless upgrades and rapid development

Smooth product transitions and free rapid development tools are key reasons that the C5000 DSP platform is so widely deployed. The new C5402A DSP is pin-to-pin compatible and code-compatible with all other C54x devices, protecting customer investments in current algorithms and board layouts while streamlining migration to future generations of DSPs.

The C5402A DSP is supported by eXpressDSP™ Real-Time Software Technology, which includes the Code Composer Studio™ v2 Integrated Development Environment, the DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel and products compliant to the TMS320™ DSP Algorithm Standard from the nearly 500 members of the industry's third-party network. TI also offers silicon, documentation, training, software, complementary analog components and development boards. The development board based on the C5402 DSP is also available, so that designers can get a head start on next-generation products today.

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