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Industrial mmWave radar sensors – Automated doors & gates


TI 60-GHz mmWave sensors for industrial applications enable intelligent and energy efficient operation of automated doors and gates. mmWave makes doors smarter by using position and velocity information of moving objects to make real time decisions. TI mmWave sensors also use onboard  rocessing to avoid false detection of people or vehicles that are not intending to move towards a particular entrance. Cover multiple lanes, gates, or a large area of interest by taking advantage of the sensor’s wide field of view. The sensor’s robust performance is maintained in a variety of  environmental conditions such as  rain, fog, smoke, or bright sunlight. TI’s new Antenna on Package (AoP) small form factor and simplified design allows seamless integration in automated door and gate applications while still covering a wide field of view for safe and convenient door operation.

Automated doors & gates

-Leverage accuracy of position and velocity information in all environmental conditions to eliminate false detections

-Intelligently track multiple people and cover multiple lanes/doors with a single sensor’s integrated DSP

-Classify between vehicles vs. non-vehicles for smart parking barrier operation


(field of view)

IWR6843 ISK EVM    (120° azimuth, 30° elevation)

IWR6843 ODS EVM    (120° azimuth, 120° elevation)

IWR6843AOP EVM    (130° azimuth, 130° elevation)

Use cases

Automated sliding doors Parking barriers Garage openers/industrial doors Elevator doors
Example coverate area 3m x 3m 10m x 3m 5m x 5m 2m x 4m
Example range (resolution) 3m (0.048m) 10m (0.12m) 5m (0.12m) 5m (0.12m)
Example velocity (resolution) 2m/s (0.082m/s) 10 m/s (0.082m/s) 5 m/s (0.082m/s) 2 m/s (0.082m/s)
Example angular resolution 
15 ° azimuth
Applicable onboard algorithms
Group tracking/counting
Provided example configurations


Evaluate TI’s mmWave radar sensors by purchasing the evaluation module and leveraging the experiments and labs, and referencing our building automation TI Designs.

IWR6843 starter bundle

The starter bundles enables rapid development for IWR6843 mmWave sensor. It includes the carrier card and one standard antenna with 120° x 30° field-of-view.  Full debug, emulation, and prototyping is enabled directly through mmWave SDK and tools.

IWR6843 AOP evaluation module

IWR6843 AOP  EVM is a small form-factor evaluation module with integrated antenna-on-package technology. 



Experiments and labs

Use experiments and labs to experience mmWave sensor performance first hand and recreate demonstrations using the out-of-box demo or customized code for building automation applications.

Reference design

Use TI reference designs, including design guides, software, configurations and documentation for different applications in Building Automation.


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