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mmWave IWR - level transmitter


Discover how TI’s mmWave radar sensors enable high-performance liquid and solid volume measurement solutions for level transmitter applications. 

Download these free white papers to learn the basics of mmWave radar sensors for level transmitter applications.

mmwave level transmitter

IWR1443 mmWave radar sensor

Typical device performance
Application benefit
Output Raw ADC, range, angle Flexible interface to connect to existing systems
Tuning range 76-81 GHz Narrow beam to avoid clutter, smaller antenna and lenses
Range accuracy <1 mm* High accuracy range measurement for granular tank volume control
Chirp BW 4 GHz (5 GHz**) Measure closer to the tank floor and ceiling
Power output Up to 12dBm Detect in small and large tanks with the same platform
Power consumption <25 mJ/measurement*** 4-20mA two-wire interface capable
3 TX + cascading
Accurate surface mapping for solid level sensing

* High-accuracy range measurements require high-accuracy algorithm and accurate mounting
** 5GHz chirp bandwidth requires bandwidth stitching of 4GHz and 1GHz chirps
*** low power measurement require turning the device off between measurements, see TI Design for more information


Evaluate TI’s mmWave radar sensors by purchasing the evaluation module, leveraging our labs and referencing our power optimization TI design.

IWR1443 evaluation module

Single-chip sensor evaluation platform with integrated MCU and handware accelerator for point cloud generation.

Level transmitter labs

Experience mmWave radar sensor performance first hand and recreate demonstrations by following the level transmitter labs.

Level transmitter reference design

Evaluate low power operation for 4-20mA two-wire interface level transmitter applications.

mmWave TI Design reference design includes:

  • Power-pptimized software
  • Schematics and layout
  • Chirp configurations


Now that you’re ready to begin production, access these resources to help you along the way.


Single-chip 76-to-81GHz mmWave radar sensor integrating MCU and hardware accelerator

Have questions during the design process? Leverage our mmWave radar training series.

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