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Industrial mmWave radar sensors – Safety Guards


With factories  becoming smarter, man and machine work “hand in hand”. In this scenario, to reduce possibility of  potential hazards if there is a flaw or bug in automation, incident management through Safety Guards is becoming important. TI’s Industrial mmWave sensors can be used for high accuracy occupancy detection and collision avoidance, where the position and velocity of people can be used to trigger systems when a person or an object is in proximity of a machine. mmWave sensors bring additional value by seeing in challenging environments, such as poor lighting and dusty factory conditions. These features make mmWave the obvious choice for sensing considering privacy and solution complexity to enable intelligence and at-the-edge decision-making. In addition to the above, the Antenna on Package’s wide field of view, small form factor and simplified design and manufacturing process, users can now take their robotics solutions to the next level  in sensing. 

Check out these documents below to learn the basics of mmWave sensors for Safety Guards.

mmWave benefits  for safety guard applications

mmWave device performance with IWR1443

60 GHz device


60 GHz device


77 GHz device


Application benefits
Range resolution 4cm 4cm 4cm 4GHz bandwidth provide higher range resolution to separate objects in close proximity.
Angular resolution 30º  15º  15º  Low angular resolution allows distinguishing small details of an object.
Max. Range (resolution) 10m (0.12m) 10m (0.12m) 10m (0.15m) Used as and Area Scanner or an Arm safety curtain to maintain a no-entry curtain or zone radially around the equipment.
Max. Field of View (resolution)

130º - azimuth

130º - elevation

  (30º angular resolution)

120º  (15º angular resolution) 120º  (15º angular resolution) Wider area detection and tracking of multiple moving objects as people for incident management.
Static clutter removal Yes Yes Yes Allows non-moving objects to be filtered out to give true detection of people or vehicles. 
Chirp Sample chirp configurations Sample chirp configurations Sample chirp configurations


Evaluate TI’s mmWave radar sensors by purchasing the evaluation module and leveraging the experiments and labs, and referencing our Safety Guard TI Design

IWR6843 starter bundle

IWR6843 evaluation kit with antenna design enabling for wall-mounted or side-facing applications


IWR6843 AOP  EVM is a small form-factor evaluation module with integrated antenna-on-package technology.

Experiments and labs

Experience mmWave sensor performance first hand and recreate demonstrations by following the safety guards experiments and labs.

Reference designs

The TIDEP-01010 reference design leverages TI single-chip millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology to implement an area scanner capable of zone occupancy detection and localization in 3D space. 


Now that you’re ready to begin production, access these resources to help you along the way.


60-GHz sensor delivers intelligence at the edge with 3D detection and increased memory


Antenna on package integrated 60-GHz sensor reduces RF design challenges and system form-factor


Single-chip 76-to-81GHz mmWave sensor integrating MCU and hardware accelerator


77-GHz sensor delivers intelligence at the edge with 3D detection and increased memory

Have questions during the design process? Leverage TI’s mmWave training series.

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