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Industrial mmWave radar sensors – Design & development

Development tools

IWR6843 starter bundle

mmWave carrier platform enables flexible development on IWR devices with various antenna configurations.  Full debug, emulation, and prototyping is enabled directly through mmWave SDK and tools.  Starter bundle includes standard antenna with 120° x 30° field-of-view.


IWR6843ISK-ODS is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation kit with a short-range antenna with wide field of view (FoV) enabling direct connectivity to the mmWave sensors carrier card platform (MMWAVEICBOOST).

IWR6843 AoP evaluation module

Antenna-on-Package plug-in modules enables rapid prototyping on IWR6843 with integrated antenna.  It is fully compatible with mmWave carrier platform, mmWave SDK and all tools.  

mmWave carrier card

mmWave carrier platform enables a single developments platform for different devices and antenna configurations through antenna plug-in modules.

IWR1843 BoosterPack™ plug-in module

The IWR1843 BoosterPack™ plug-in module is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the single-chip IWR1843 mmWave sensing device, with direct connectivity to the TI MCU LaunchPad™ development-kit ecosystem.

IWR1443 Evaluation Module

Evaluation board for the single-chip IWR1443 mmWave sensor, with direct connectivity to the TI MCU LaunchPad™ ecosystem. The evaluation board contains everything needed to start developing on a low-power ARM®-R4F controller. 

Real-Time Data-Capture Adapter

The DCA1000 provides real-time raw sensor data capture and streaming over ethernet from TI mmWave Sensor EVMs.

DesignCore™ Industrial mmWave Sensor Starter Kit

The starter kit accelerates development of radar-based industrial navigation, sensing, and automation applications. Includes a low-power D3 mmWave Sensor Module with integrated antenna mounted on a baseboard

  • The baseboard provides easy interface to a PC or embedded platform for test and evaluation. It includes application software and demonstration programs for common industrial applications.


mmWave SDK

Rapidly prototype customized application directly on the EVM with easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK). mmWaveSDK is a robust platform that includes TI RTOS with full peripheral drivers, APIs to configure the sensor, and libraries for the FFT HW accelerator and the DSP.

mmWave studio

mmWave Studio is a collection of web-based tools to enhance the evaluation of mmWave sensors. These easy-to-use tools provide capability to evaluate and prototype chirp designs and experiment with out-of-the-box demo.

Industrial mmWave toolbox

Industrial mmWave Toolbox is a collection of reference software labs, experiment data and chirp designs to accelerate development and rapid prototyping.  Each package provides source code, test methodology and instruction to replicate results.

mmWave Sensing Estimator

mmWave Sensing Estimator is the first step to designing a mmWave sensor-based system. This tool calculates chirp configuration of the RF front end based on simple system parameters such as maximum/minimum range, frame rate and maximum/minimum velocity.

Third-Party Network

mmWave services partners provide services such as antenna design, RD hardware design, embedded software development, and manufacturing. 



(Frequency Band)

Azimuth FOV


Elevation FOV


Angular Resolution (deg)
Angular Resolution (deg)
Distance for Car (m)
Distance for Adult (m)


(mm x mm)





70° (+/-35°) 70° (+/-35°)

20 20 50 20 I2C, Serial,
Ethernet, CAN
71 x 56 x 18
30° (+/-15°) 30° (+/-15°) 20 20 75 25





26° (+/-13°) 26° (+/-13°) 18 17
51 x 60





100° (+/-50°) 40° (+/-20°) 20 20 50 20
Mistral Solutions

IWR6843 ES2.0


± 60° @ 8 m


± 30° @ 3
± 18° @ 8 m
17 (Adult) 58 (Adult)


and LVDS

54 x 53 x 18 
± 40° @ 50 m (Vehicle)

± 15° @ 35 m

± 8° @ 50 m

17 (Adult) 58 (Adult) 50-60

Explore the Third-Party Network of ecosystem companies. The mmWave antenna modules helps manufacturers accelerate the development process by using readily available and tested modules suitable for their application. Learn more about the modules on each company's website.

Mistral mmWave radar modules

Based on the 77GHz and 60GHz TI mmWave RADAR chipsets which enable areas like building automation, robotics and smart city applications.

By Mistral

TI IWR6843ODSISK Designed By Ainstein

Ainstein enables safer driving, flying, working, and living through a combination of mmWave radar (60GHz, 76-81GHz), sensor fusion, and artificial intelligence (AI).  

By Ainstein

RM68-01 industrial radar module

Smart Radar System is leading radar vision tech. for automotive & industrial applications. Powered by TI CMOS radar chipsets, SRS' products are compact, upgradable SW embedded, mass production ready.

By Smart Radar Systems

DesignCore industrial mmWave radar starter kit

D3 Engineering is a product development firm specializing in performance-critical systems. Our mmWave capabilities include both 60Ghz and 77Ghz technology including cascade, fusion and radar edge solutions.

By D3 Engineering

V-MD3 Digital 3D radard transceiver

RFbeam Microwave GmbH is a supplier for Radar Transceivers in the frequency range 57-81GHz. Our Transceivers are used for movement detection, distance and speed measurement or Vital sign monitoring. 

By RF Beam