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mmWave radar sensors

TI's industry-leading, integrated RF CMOS radar technology offers the broadest portfolio of 60- and 77-GHz sensors

We help solve vision-sensing challenges in automotive and industrial applications across the globe with high-performance, integrated radio-frequency (RF) complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) radar technology. We make radar easy with a broad portfolio of 60- and 77-GHz sensors that enables sensing applications with long range, high resolution and edge intelligence.

Performance innovation

Our high-resolution radar technology enables sensing applications with edge intelligence and immunity to environmental conditions.

Radar for all applications

Our broad portfolio of 60- and 77-GHz sensors enables redefined and enhanced existing sensing applications, from simple motion detection to high-end imaging radar.

Easy to use

We eliminate engineering obstacles to facilitate easy design-in with our products, which include a complete radar system on chip (SoC) and antenna-on-package sensor to address RF antenna design challenges.

Automotive mmWave radar sensors

Automotive mmWave solutions enable safer and easier driving experiences by sensing and reacting to exterior and interior environments. See our sensors in action:

Industrial mmWave radar sensors

Industrial mmWave solutions detect an object's range, velocity and angle with unprecedented accuracy and resiliency. See our sensors in action: 

Find a mmWave radar sensor that best fits your design needs

What is mmWave radar technology?

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar is a contactless sensing technology for detecting objects and providing the range, velocity and angle of those objects.

Capabilities of mmWave radar technology include:

  • Operation in challenging environmental conditions such as darkness, extreme bright light, dust, rain, snow and extreme temperatures.
  • Sub-millimeter range accuracy.
  • The ability to penetrate materials such as plastic, drywall and clothing.
  • Privacy-conscious sensors that do not sense any identifiable information.

Key mmWave technology resources

Watch our training series to learn the fundamentals of mmWave radar sensors and get started with development quickly.

This infographic can help you quickly understand the pros and cons of each proximity-sensing technology that we offer, including mmWave, and how it can help bring intelligence to your designs.

The fundamentals of millimeter wave radar sensors (Rev. A)

Read the fundamentals of mmWave radar sensor white paper to learn the basics of mmWave radar technology and how we help solve system challenges.

How antenna-on-package design simplifies mmWave sensing in buildings and factories

Read the white paper to learn how antenna-on-package design simplifies mmWave sensing and help to take automation and intelligence to the next level.

TI Functional Safety-Compliant mmWave sensors

Our mmWave integrated circuits and SoCs are designed with multiple built-in safety mechanisms to help you achieve system-level Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) and SIL targets. These sensors help detect and prevent or reduce the impact of dangerous failures, thus improving reliability. Our mmWave sensors support the development of International Organization for Standardization 26262- and International Electrotechnical Commission 61508-compliant applications to accelerate your safety development and provide seamless integration at the system level.

Leverage our autonomous monitoring capability to meet functional safety requirements with minimum loading on the host, decreasing the need for external components while maintaining performance.

Accelerate safety development

Streamline your system development of safety critical applications and expedite time to market by leveraging our mmWave sensors safety enablers such as certifications by independent third parties.