Motion detector (PIR, uWave, etc.)

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Motion detector (PIR, uWave, etc.)

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Motion or occupancy detectors are used to detect security threats, save energy by efficient lighting control and trigger other IoT enabled devices. Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you add different technologies (passive infrared sensor (PIR), uWave radar, microwave, ultrasonic, time-of-flight, etc.) to your system.

Design requirements:

Motion detector (PIR, uWave, etc.) designs often require:

  • A long battery life of 10+ years.
  • Extremely low-noise analog signal chain for long detection range (10m – 15m).
  • Low settling time of amplifier stages.
  • False trigger avoidance due to environmental changes.
  • Ability to accurately detect and classify objects, such as human versus pet.

Block diagram

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Technical documentation

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More literature Techniques for PIR-based motion detection 16 Dec 2020
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