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Servo drive control module

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Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create servo drive control modules for precise, smooth and efficient control of servo motors. Real-time control, powerful processing, precise analog signal chain and robust transceivers help run fast-control algorithms and encoder interfaces.

Design requirements

Servo drive control modules often require:

  • High-bandwidth current loop for smooth torque and speed/position control.
  • Low-latency, low-bit-error, EMC-immune interface to encoder, fieldbus/Ethernet.
  • High-performance signal chain to process sin/cos signals from encoder/resolver.
  • High-efficiency, sequenced and supervised voltage rails for reliable operation.

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Block diagram

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Technical documentation

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More literature Decentralized servo architecture webinar 01 Mar 2021
More literature Decentralized servo architecture webinar 01 Mar 2021

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