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Single low power, ultra high speed CMOS A D Converter with data buffer.

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Features for the ADC08B3000RB

  • Single +1.9V 0.1V Operation
  • Choice of SDR or DDR output clocking
  • Clock Phase Adjust for Multiple ADC Synchronization
  • Serial Interface for Extended Control
  • Adjustment of Input Full-Scale Range and Offset
  • Duty Cycle Corrected Sample Clock
  • Internal Data Buffer (4k)
  • Power Down Mode
  • Test pattern output capability


Description for the ADC08B3000RB

The ADC083000RB Design Kit (consisting of the ADC08B3000RB Reference/Evaluation Board, WaveVision software and this Users Guide) is designed to ease evaluation and design-in of Texas Instruments' ADC08B3000 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter, which can operate at speeds up to 3.0 Gsps. This evaluation board is used with Texas Instruments' WaveVision4 software to analyze the data. Note that WaveVision4 may be used with Windows XP, but it is not compatible with Windows 7.