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ADC1175 8-Bit 20MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Evaluation Module



  • Operational amplifier provides buffering and signal conditioning for DC-coupled input network
  • Clocking provided by onboard crystal or external source
  • 40-pin header connects directly to TSW1400EVM and TSW1405EVM data-capture solution via CMOS interface
  • High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW) analysis tool provides complete environment for signal analysis, including data capture and storage of ADC EVM output

Texas Instruments  ADC1175EVM

The ADC1175 evaluation module (EVM) is used to evaluate the ADC1175 8-bit, 20-MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The EVM has a single-ended, DC-coupled analog input to accommodate the ADC1175 full-scale sampling range. The ADC1175EVM is designed to connect directly to a variety of data-capture tools from TI, including the TSW1400EVM and TSW1405EVM.

Additional support is provided through the High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW) analysis tool. Also available is the ADC1175EVM design package that includes schematics, Gerbers, and a bill of material (BOM).