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ADC12D1600QML-SP 12-bit, dual 1.6- or single 3.2-GSPS, RF-sampling ADC evaluation module - aerospace



Texas Instruments  ADC12D1600CVAL

The ADC1xD1x00QML products are low power, high performance 10b and 12b ADCs with sampling rates up to 1.6 GSPS as a dual channel ADC or 3.2 GSPS in a single channel interleaved mode. These products come in a hermetic 376 column ceramic grid array package (376 CCGA) for harsh environments, such as down hole or space.

The ADC1xD1x00 Evaluation Board (ADC1xD1x00CVAL) provides flexible ADC I/O connections for laboratory performance evaluation. As configured, the board is equipped with support shrouds for 100 pin Samtec connectors for interface to a logic analyzer, but capable of being configured for other types of logic analyzer connectors.

Because the 10- and 12-bit Gig ADCs are pin-compatible with one another, this board can be used with the following parts: