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ADC12DJ2700 12-Bit, Dual 2.7-GSPS or Single 5.4-GSPS, RF-Sampling ADC Evaluation Module



  • Flexible transformer-coupled analog input to allow for a variety of sources and frequencies
  • Easy-to-use software GUI to configure ADC12DJ2700, LMX2582, and LMK04828 devices for a variety of configurations through a USB interface
  • Quickly evaluate ADC performance through High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW)
  • Simple connection to TSW14J57EVM data capture card

Texas Instruments  ADC12DJ2700EVM

The ADC12DJ2700 evaluation module (EVM) allows for the evaluation of the ADC12DJ2700 device. ADC12DJ2700 is a low-power, 12-bit, dual-channel 2.7-GSPS or single-channel 5.4-GSPS, RF-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a buffered analog input, integrated digital down converter with programmable numerically-controlled oscillator (NCO) and decimation settings (including undecimated 12- and 8-bit ADC output), which features a JESD204B interface.

The ADC12DJ2700EVM has transformer-coupled analog inputs to accommodate a wide range of signal sources and frequencies. An LMX2582 clock synthesizer and LMK04828 JESD204B clock generator are included on the EVM and can be configured to provide an ultra-low-jitter ADC device clock and SYSREF for a complete JESD204B subclass 1 clocking solution.

The ADC12DJ2700EVM connects directly to TSW14J57EVM data capture hardware via the high-speed FMC+ connector. High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW) is also available for data capture and analysis support when using the TSW14J57EVM.