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14-Bit, 155 MSPS Analog to Digital Converter



Texas Instruments  ADC14155LCVAL

The ADC14155 Evaluation Board populated with a ceramic sample is designed to support the ADC14155 14-bit 155

Mega Sample Per Second (MSPS) ADC. The ADC14155 Evaluation Board comes in two versions:

  1. ADC14155HCVAL (high frequency version) for input frequencies greater than 150 MHz.
  2. ADC14155LCVAL (low frequency version) for input frequencies less than 150 MHz.

The digital data from the ADC14155 can be captured with a suitable instrument, such as a logic analyzer, connected through the FutureBus connector (schematic reference designator FB) on the ADC14155XCVAL (where X = H or L) or with Texas Instruments' WaveVision 4 Digital Interface Board and associated WaveVision software 4 package, which allows fast and easy data acquisition and analysis. The WaveVision hardware connects to a host PC via a USB cable and is fully configured and controlled by the latest WaveVision software. The WaveVision 4 software and WaveVision 4 evaluation hardware are available through Texas Instruments' website.