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ADC14X250 Evaluation Module




  • Transformer coupled signal input network allowing a single-ended signal source
  • LMK04828 system clock generator that generates the FPGA reference clock for the high speed serial interface
  • Default transformer coupled clock input network to test the ADC performance with a very low-noise clock
  • High speed serial data output over a standard FMC connector
  • Device registers programming via USB connector and FTDI USB-to-SPI bus translator


Texas Instruments  ADC14X250EVM

The ADC14X250EVM is an evaluation board used to evaluate the ADC14X250 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from Texas Instruments. The ADC14X250 is a single channel 14-bit ADC capable of operating at sampling rates up to 250 Mega Samples Per Second (MSPS) with outputs featuring a standard JESD204B high speed serial interface. The ADC14X250EVM is designed to work seamlessly with the TSW14J56EVM, Texas Instruments’ JESD204B data capture card and the High Speed Data Converter Pro (HSDCPro) software tool for high speed data converter evaluation.