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ADS1258 Performance Demonstration Kit



  • Easy-to-use evaluation software for Microsoft™ Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Data collection to ASCII text files
  • Built-in analysis tools including scope, FFT, and histogram displays
  • Complete control of board settings
  • Easily expandable with new analysis plug-in tools from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments  ADS1258EVM-PDK

For use with a personal computer, the ADS1258EVM-PDK is available. This kit combines the ADS1258EVM board with the DSP-based MMB0 motherboard, and includes ADCPro™ software for evaluation. The MMB0 mother board allows the ADS1258EVM to be connected to the computer via an available USB port. The system's literature will show the use of the MMB0 as part of the ADS1258EVM-PDK, but does not provide technical detail on the MMB0 itself. The ADS1258EVM-PDK is controlled by a plug-in running on ADCPro™.