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Automotive, 24-bit, 14.4kSPS, 1-ch delta-sigma ADC w/ low-drift Vref for high-dynamic range systems


Package | PIN: TSSOP (PW) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $10.76
10-24 $10.00
25-99 $9.65
100-249 $8.43
250-499 $8.03
500-749 $7.39
750-999 $6.63
1000+ $6.61


  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified with the Following Results:
    • Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to 125°C
    • HBM ESD Classification 2
    • CDM ESD Classification C4B
  • Programmable Data Rates: 10 SPS to 14.4 kSPS
  • Single-Cycle Settling Digital Filter
  • High Performance:
    • 21.3 ENOB at 1.2 kSPS
    • INL: 3 ppm
    • Offset Drift: 0.05 µV/°C
    • Gain Drift: 0.5 ppm/°C
  • Internal Reference: 2.5 V, 10 ppm/°C Drift
  • Internal 2% Accurate Oscillator
  • Input Signal Out-of-Range Detection
  • Optional Checksum and Redundant Data-Read Capability
    to Augment Data Integrity
  • SPI-Compatible Interface, Mode 1
  • Analog Supply: 5 V or ±2.5 V
  • Digital Supply: 2.7 V to 5 V

Texas Instruments  ADS1259QPWRQ1

The ADS1259-Q1 is a precision, low-drift, 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device can perform conversions at data rates up to 14.4 kSPS with high resolution and is therefore ideally suited to measure rapidly changing signals that have a wide dynamic range. An integrated low-noise, low-drift 2.5-V reference eliminates the need for an external voltage reference, thus reducing system cost and component count.

The converter uses a fourth-order, inherently stable, delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator that provides outstanding noise performance and linearity. The device can use the integrated oscillator, an external crystal, or an external clock as the ADC clock source.

A fast-responding input overrange detector flags the conversion data if an input overrange event occurs. To augment data integrity in noisy automotive environments the ADS1259-Q1 offers an optional checksum byte and a redundant conversion data-read capability.

The ADS1259-Q1 consumes 13 mW during operation and less than 25 µW when powered down. TI offers the ADS1259-Q1 device in a TSSOP-20 package with full specification from –40°C to 125°C.