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ADS1271 Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the ADS1271 24-bit Analog to Digital Converter
  • Two ADS1271 converters on board illustrate use of daisy-chain mode
  • On-board reference and oscillator circuits
  • Modular design for use with a variety of Texas Instruments Processors and interface boards.

Texas Instruments  ADS1271EVM

The ADS1271EVM is a circuit board for use with the ADS1271 24-bit analog-to-digital converter. Two ADS1271 devices are installed on this board to demonstrate multiple parts operating in a simultaneously sampled, daisy-chained configuration. The installed ADS1271s can be configured to operate in any of the ADS1271 conversion or communication modes. Voltage reference, oscillator, and buffer amplifier circuits are provided on this board to ease evaluation, or they may be bypassed so that the user can test their own circuits with the ADS1271.