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ADS42LB49 Dual-Channel, 14-Bit, 250-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module



  • Flexible transformer coupled analog input and clock paths to allow for a variety of sources and frequencies
  • Easy to use software GUI to configure the ADS42LB49 for a variety of uses through USB
  • Simple connection to TSW1400EVM capture card to capture data from the ADS42LB49
  • Quickly evaluate ADC performance through High Speed Data Converter Pro software

Texas Instruments  ADS42LB49EVM

The ADS42LB49EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) that allows for the evaluation of Texas Instruments’ ADS42LB49. The ADS42LB49 is a low power, 14-bit, 250-MSPS analog to digital converter (ADC) with a buffered analog input and LVDS outputs. The EVM has transformer coupled analog and clock inputs to accommodate a wide range of signal sources and frequencies. The ADS42LB49 is controllable through an easy to use software GUI to enable quick configuration for a variety of uses.

The ADS42LB49EVM is designed to mate with the TSW1400EVM which is a full function data capture card. The High Speed Data Converter Pro software GUI can then process the data from the TSW1400EVM to quickly assess the performance of the ADS42LB49. It is also compatible with Altera and Xilinx FPGA development platforms which have FMC or HSMC connectors, via the appropriate interposer card.