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ADS5231 Dual-Channel, 12-Bit, 40-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module



  • Easy testing of the ADS5231
  • Single-ended, transformer coupled inputs
  • THS4503 amplifier input path
  • Internal reference generation or external reference generation using the OPA2227
  • Fully buffered outputs utilizing the SN74AVC16244
  • Compatible with the TSW1100

Texas Instruments  ADS5231EVM

The ADS5231EVM is designed to provide ease of use in evaluating the performance of the dual 12-bit, 40 MSPS ADS5231 analog to digital converter which features CMOS outputs. The ADS5231EVM can be paired with the ADC digital capture card, the TSW1100, for quick evaluation of the device's performance.