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ADS5287 Eight-Channel, 10-Bit, 40-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module



  • Evaluation board for ADS5287
  • Can generate various signal, reference, and supply conditions
  • Provides 8 analog inputs to the ADC
  • Provides serial LVDS digital outputs
  • Can directly connect to TSW1200 to get parallel CMOS data output
  • Provides extensive software support for control and measurement
  • Multiple clock input options:
    • single-ended PECL clock
    • differential transformer-coupled clock
    • Texas Instruments  ADS5287EVM

      Special Note: Customers looking to evaluate the ADS528x, should order a ADS528xEVM, a ADSDESER-50EVM, and a ADSDESER-50EVM Adapter Card.

      The ADS5287EVM provides a platform for evaluating the eight-channel ADS5287 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) under various signal, reference, and supply conditions.

      The EVM provides an external SMA connector for eight analog inputs to the ADC and the input of the ADC clock. The ADC can be clocked using either a single-ended or differential clock, and provisions are made on the EVM to allow users to evaluate the ADC using a single-ended PECL clock, or a differential transformer-coupled clock.

      Digital output from the EVM is via a high-speed, high-density Samtec output header. The digital output connector mates directly to the TSW1200 Rev B or through an adapter to the TI ADSDeSer-50EVM, both of which de-serialize the serial data stream into parallel CMOS data.

      Power connections to the EVM are via banana jack sockets. Separate sockets are provided for the ADC analog and ADC digital supplies and for the auxiliary circuits.