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ADS5295 Evaluation Module



  • Maximum Sample Rate: 100MSPS
  • Designed for low power
  • 71dBFS SNR, 85dBc SFDR at 10 MHz/100 MSPS
  • Serial LVDS ADC Data Outputs
  • Digital Processing Block
  • Direct connection to TSW1400 High Speed ADC LVDS Evaluation System

Texas Instruments  ADS5295EVM

TheADS5295EVM demonstrates the performance of the low power, 12-bit, 100MSPS, octal channel ADC device, ADS5295. Low power consumption and integration of multiple channels in a compact package make the ADS5295 attractive for very high channel count data acquisition systems. Serial LVDS outputs reduce the number of interface lines and enable high system integration. The ADC digital data can be output over one or two wires of LVDS pins per channel. At high sample rates, the 2-wire interface helps to keep the serial data rate low, allowing low cost FPGA based receivers to be used. The device integrates an internal reference trimmed to accurately match across devices. Best performance is expected to be achieved through the internal reference mode.  The device can be driven with external references as well.

In the event the user does not already have a method to attach to and analyze the data from the LVDS data stream, a deserializer board, TSW1400EVM, is offered. The TSW1400EVM, can connect to the ADS5263EVM and provides the data in parallel form for all four channels simultaneously. The TSW1400EVM, must be purchased separately.