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ADS52J90 Evaluation Module



• 8, 16, or 32-Channel ADC with programmable resolution (10-b, 12b, 14b)


• On EVM Clocking solution (LMK04826)

Texas Instruments  ADS52J90EVM

The ADS52J90EVM is a highly integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) specifically designed for systems in which high performance and small size are required. The ADS52J90EVM allows users to evaluate performance in any of three analog channel modes supported by the device, that is, 8-analog channels sampled, 16-analog channels sampled, or 32-analog channels sampled, where the maximum sampling speed of the ADCs is inversely proportional to the number of analog channels being sampled.  The ADS52J90EVM provides the necessary connectors to evaluate using the LVDS serial interface or the JESD204B interface (each with its own FPGA based capture EVM).  The EVM also provides users with a complete clocking solution in the LMK04826 device.