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ADS5404 Dual-Channel, 12-Bit, 500-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module



  • Transformer coupled analog input path
  • DDR LVDS parallel output
  • Transformer coupled clock input path
  • Compatible with TSW1400 or TSW1405 capture cards
  • USB controlled for SPI access

Texas Instruments  ADS5404EVM

The ADS540x and ADS54T0x EVM is a circuit board that allows designers to evaluate the performance of Texas Instruments ADS5401/02/03/04/07/09 single/dual channel 12-bit 500/800/900 MSPS analog to digital converters and ADS54T01/T04/T02, which are single/dual channel 500/750MSPS BTS feedback and receiver ICs. The ADC features parallel DDR LVDS outputs. The EVM provides a flexible environment to test the ADS540x under a variety of clock, analog input, and supply conditions. For the ADS54T0x EVM, there are a variety of methods to supply a trigger to the EVM to initiate a burst of high resolution output.

The ADS540x EVM is directly compatible to the TSW1400EVM and TSW1405EVM, which are TI's high speed ADC data capture cards. The TSW1400 can also be used to supply the burst mode trigger to the ADS54T0x EVM.