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ADS7040 8-Bit 1MSPS SAR ADC Performance Demonstration Kit (PDK)



  • Contains support circuitry as a design example to match ADC performance
  • 3.3-V slave serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Onboard 5-V analog supply
  • Onboard OPA835 (56-MHz bandwidth, Rail-to-Rail Out) ADC input drivers
  • USB port for computer interface

Texas Instruments  ADS7040EVM-PDK

The ADS7040EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluation of the ADS7040 analog to Digital converter (ADC). The converter is an 8 bit single ended Successive Approximation-Register (SAR) ADC with a maximum throughput of 1MSPS. The evaluation kit combines the ADS7040EVM board with simple capture card. The EVM includes the input drivers enabling the ADC to work within typical performance specifications.

For a lower cost evaluation kit based on the ADS7042 ADC, check out the ADS7042 Ultra-Low Power Data Acquisition BoosterPack.