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ADS7042 Ultra-Low-Power Ultra-Small-Size 12-Bit 1MSPS SAR ADC Performance Demonstration Kit (PDK)



  • Contains support circuitry as a design example to match ADC performance
  • 3.3-V slave serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Onboard 5-V analog supply
  • Onboard OPA835 (56-MHz bandwidth, Rail-to-Rail Out) ADC input drivers
  • USB port for computer interface

Texas Instruments  ADS7042EVM-PDK

The ADS7042EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluation of the ADS7042 analog to Digital converter (ADC). The converter is an 12 bit single-ended Successive Approximation-Register (SAR) ADC with a maximum throughput of 1MSPS. The evaluation kit combines the ADS7042EVM board with a serial data capture card (SDCC) controller board. The EVM includes the input drivers enabling the ADC to work within typical performance specifications.

For a lower cost evaluation kit based on the ADS7042 ADC, check out the ADS7042 Ultra-Low Power Data Acquisition BoosterPack.