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ADS7845EVM Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the ADS7845 5-wire, resistive touch screen (TSC)
  • Modular design for use with a variety of DSP and microcontroller interface boards
  • Power supplied to on-board terminals, will allow selection of one of three DC voltages for the powering the ADS7845
  • A 2.5 V reference is supplied on the ADS7845EVM, and can be selected by using on-board connector pins
  • For maximum flexibility, the ADS7845EVM is designed for easy interfacing to multiple analog sources

Texas Instruments  ADS7845EVM

The ADS7845EVM is in Texas Instruments modular EVM form factor, which allows direct evaluation of the ADS7845 performance and operation characteristics, and eases software development and system prototyping. This EVM is compatible with the 5-6K Interface Board (SLAU104) , HPA-MCU Interface Board (SLAU106), DSKs from Texas Instruments. Additional third party boards such as the HPA449 demonstration board from SoftBaugh inc.