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ADS7853 Performance Development Kit (PDK) for 14-Bit 1MSPS Single-Ended/Psuedo-Differential SAR ADC



  • Easy to use software includes control of board settings, analysis tools and data collection.
  • Software capable of sampling rates up to 1MSPS
  • OPA836 (205MHz, 1mA) ADC input drivers
  • Built-in analysis tools include scope, FFT and histogram analysis

Texas Instruments  ADS7853EVM-PDK

The ADS7853EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluation of the ADS7853 analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADS7853 is a 14 bit, single-ended/pseudo-differential unipolar, Successive-Approximation-Register(SAR) ADC with maximum thoughput of 1MSPS.  The ADS7853EVM includes input and reference drivers enabling the ADC to work within its typical performance specifications. The SDCC interface board provides a USB port and power for the system.