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ADS7868EVM Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation module for the ADS7868 8 bit, 280 KSPS, single-channel, high-speed ADC
  • Onboard signal conditioning
  • The on board reference voltage is derived from the ADS7868 device
  • Input digital buffers are not limited to device VDD
  • The EVM can be interfaced to the 5-6KINTERFACE board and run on C5000, C6000 DSKs o rthe MSP430 MCU

Texas Instruments  ADS7868EVM

The ADS7868EVM is a full-featured reference design, prototype, and software platform for ADS7868 IC. The reference design feature contains essential circuitry to show case the A/D converter. It gives the ability to change the input components to use different input frequencies. As a prototype board the input circuitry contains extra pads to allow the input signal to be inverting or non-inverting. As a software test platform, the EVM can be plugged into a 5-6K INTERFACE or a MCU. The EVM will allow operation with C5000 and C6000 DSKs, or MSP430 MCU.